Survival Gift Shop

Emergency and disaster strike suddenly and without warning, which is why we must be positioned to react to conditions out of our control, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods and terrorist attacks. At Survival Gift Shop, we remain dedicated to equipping the population with kits designed to assist in survival, should the unexpected occur. Long gone is the antiquated notion that purchasing survival gear is an unnecessary, extreme measure. Too many recent natural disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina, have fostered a greater understanding about preparedness.

Equipping oneself for the unknown is a must. Shop our wide range of survival kits to find one that fits the needs of yourself and your family. Looking for something for the hard-to-buy-for person? Our quality survival kits make excellent birthday, housewarming, wedding and graduation presents. Disaster readiness hardware is something we hope to never need, but are poorly provisioned without. Gifting someone a survival kit to help them sustain themselves is a foremost means of giving a present that makes a thoughtful statement.

What Should a Survival Kit Contain?

Kits vary, but all should contain basics such as water, dehydrated food, medical supplies, dust mask, hygiene products, flashlight, batteries, battery-powered or hand-crank radio and whistle. Larger kits are available for families, and our all-in-one kits have extra space for adding items specific to your needs. Age-appropriate children’s necessities and pet supplies top the list of necessary components that are not applicable to all households.

Kits are sold with certain numbers of people in mind, so outfitting yourself with the correct kit is imperative. Survival gear bags sold here are cost-effective, all-encompassing collections of key components. We also sell separate kits for pet owners and parents. If you are looking for the perfect present for new parents, readying them with a child or family survival kit is a unique baby gift that protects their precious new addition during an unforeseen catastrophe. Classroom lockdown kits are a meaningful teacher gift that includes items to assist educators in caring for students during an extended lockdown.

Specialized Survival Gear

Emergency kits are important, but for the utmost in preparedness, many opt to purchase additional items to sustain during prolonged periods of crisis. Emergency heat sources and fire-starter tools should be a consideration for anyone living in a cold-weather climate. In areas where natural disasters are common, emergency shelter may be a prudent investment. Emergency shelter options at Survival Gift Shop include space blankets, plastic tube tents, insulated sleeping pads, tarps and bivouac sacks.

 Sometimes it is a personal crisis that creates a need for a state of readiness. For this reason, we supply boaters and hobby pilots with watercraft and airplane emergency kits, including key implements such as first aid supplies, compasses, headlamps, flares and distress lights. Keep in mind that anyone can be stranded during a commute, so our roadside emergency kits are a wise investment, should you find yourself alone with your vehicle, unable to call for assistance.

DIY Emergency Kits

You can opt to construct your own emergency kit with our standalone products, but we recommend trusting our expertise in creating sturdy kits which provide you with pertinent items. Even with a Survival Gift Shop kit, you must take measures to personalize your pack with personal necessities such as prescription medications, area maps and cash. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions as you browse our comprehensive line of high-quality survival kits.

Creating an environment where everyone is prepared remains our mission. Think about scenarios where you place yourself and your family in danger if you are not poised for a man-made or natural disaster. As an electronically connected society, too many people lose sight of what is required to outlast serious environmental adversity, and we are here to educate the public about the simple steps required to withstand emergency situations.